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August 09, 2004

Strong partnerships with national agricultural research systems and other stakeholders constitute the backbone of ICARDA’s research agenda. The outreach programs of the Center play a key role in promoting partnerships in their respective sub-regions...

June 01, 2003

The year 2002 marked ICARDA's 25th anniversary, and coincided with several honors and awards for the center's excellence in research. Research on developing high-yielding kabuli chickpea varieties that thrive in cool, wet winter conditions earned the...

June 03, 2002

The world is witnessing a period in its history when the increasing socio-political upheavals are taking the lives of thousands, and destroying the natural wealth of our planet. Poverty and food insecurity are two key forces driving this destruction....

November 30, 1995

In this issue:
Feeding the land: how legumes can keep the soil Healthy
The plateau provinces: Sivas and Kayseri have lower yields than they should. Why? And can their small farmers survive?
Winter sowing: the answer to chickpea yield. But it wasn’t...