Harnessing food legumes for climate-smart agriculture

 Food legumes can withstand harsh conditions and survive in water-scarce environment

Pushing toward the integration of crop-livestock and conservation agriculture

Reliance on crop residues to feed livestock has hindered the adoption of conservation agriculture. The IFAD-funded “CLCA” project provides economically- and environmentally-viable solutions

A new strategic direction for ICARDA

Harnessing cutting-edge scientific research to address the challenges that smallholder farmers face in the dry areas

Thematic Areas

ICARDA and the SDGs


What’s new

Policymakers should protect them for sustainable management of rangeland resources 
ICARDA is regenerating massive amounts of crop wild relatives in their place of origin – the Fertile Crescent By Michael Major, Crop Trust
New enterprises show what can happen when women participate in the economy
International scientists gather in Turkey for a traveling seminar to share the latest developments on winter wheat