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Big Data and ICT

Geo-informatics, remote sensing and the outpouring of data from molecular research can be used in multiple ways, from real-time maps of crop productivity and water consumption to more accurate targeting of genetic improvements in breeding programs.

All of these will enhance the efficiency of research and guide effective policymaking. A crucial aspect of big data is that it can be even more valuable if shared with others, and so important components of this theme are a commitment to open access and extensive cooperation with other interested parties.

ICARDA’s Geo-informatics platform offers spatial solutions for integrated agro-ecosystems – helping to inform the development of sound policies and enhance food and environmental security in the dry areas. ICARDA also contributes to the CGIAR Big Data Platform which offers global leadership in organizing open data, convening partners to develop innovative ideas, and demonstrating the power of big data analytics through inspiring projects.

Selected impacts:

Focused Identification of Germplasm Strategy - FIGS

FIGS is a new technique for searching agricultural gene banks, helping crop breeders and their managers to achieve faster and better targeted pinpointing of improved crops for the future. This approach helps gene bank managers, crop breeders, development agencies and donors to improve the effectiveness of crop improvement programs.

GeoAgro Digital Field Collection App

This smartphone app is a free resource that enables users to collect, share and visualize geo-referenced multiple-level data for agro-ecosystem research, development and outreach.

Bio-computing online service

This online facility enables users to generate randomized plans for organizational designs and custom-made statistics analysis of data commonly arising in agricultural research frameworks.