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The key to Africa's rising dependence on costly wheat imports is domestic production.

ICARDA leads the CGIAR Research Program on Dryland Systems with partners in over 40 countries.


July 08, 2015
A field day in the United Arab Emirates to promote modern techniques and cultivation methods to raise date palm production.
July 08, 2015
US Ambassador to Jordan commends the efforts of ICARDA’s Water and Livelihoods Initiative, Jordan’s NCARE and the Majidyya community to reverse degradation across the Jordanian Badia.


Course: Integrated Gendered Systems Approach to Research Smallholder Livelihoods
Cairo, Egypt
23 August
03 September
Course: Integrated Crop-Livestock Production for Marginal and Favorable Ecosystems
Amman, Jordan
06 September
17 September
Course: Salinity Management
Cairo, Egypt
04 October
08 October