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Publications & Resources

ICARDA' s research results are international public goods, freely shared with partners worldwide.
Annual report Caravan
Review of ICARDA's impacts and achievements. Making a difference: real life examples.
Research to action Manuals & Guidelines
Policy and strategy options for decision makers. Training materials and guidelines for researchers and students.
Working papers Impact Reports
Research updates, work in progress. Impacts from donor-funded research.
CGIAR Research Program on Dryland Systems Iraq Salinity Project
Science for better food security and livelihoods. Salinity Management in central and Southern Iraq.
Posters and brochures Project Summaries
An overview of ICARDA initiatives, projects, and research programs . Summaries of ICARDA research projects.
Science Impacts Technical Reports

Reviewing the impact of ICARDA’s research on rural communities.

Technical documents capturing the progress of ICARDA research initiatives.
Science Matters    
How  ICARDA's science innovation is leading to measurable results.


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