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'Systems solutions' for Drylands


The world's dry areas need quick solutions to achieve food security

Changes in climate patterns have the most acute effect on people living in the world’s dry areas and marginal lands. As these rural communities are largely dependent on agriculture for their livelihoods, it follows that research innovations provided by agricultural research and improved ‘integrated agro-ecosystem’ farming approaches are the primary protection for these people from climate-related shifts.

Developed with national partners in over 40 countries and applied in the fields of smallholder farmers, ICARDA’s solutions are now ready for scaling-up - with the potential to drive positive changes and transformations across the Dry Areas of the developing world.

Through the ICARDA-led CGIAR Research Program on Dryland Systems – a global program designed to bring higher productivity and stronger resilience to dryland communities – we have a real opportunity to make a lasting change. 

Today, we launch #ICARDA’sTop7 – the solutions that we think are key to achieving a food-secure world against a backdrop of rising temperatures and increasingly scarce water resources. The solutions are:

New crop varieties: Drought, heat and disease-resistant crops to help farmers adapt to the impacts of climate change

‘FIGS’:  A new approach to mining agricultural gene banks – to speed the pace of research innovation for food security

Enhancing water productivity: Applying technologies and practices that guarantee ‘more crop per drop’

Improving land productivity: Conserving natural resources, reversing degradation, and enhancing fertility to boost yields and farmer incomes

Protecting crops: Greater protection from disease and pests to guarantee a reliable and sufficient supply of food for a growing global population

Resilient livelihoods with livestock: Improved nutrition, genetic improvement, and community-based breeding to increase the productivity and profitability of livestock

Robust seed systems: Proven strategies to get quality seed into the hands of farmers – fast.

For more information on #ICARDA’sTop7 click here    

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