Joram Mwacharo

Joram Mwacharo
Small Ruminant Geneticist

Dr. Joram Mwacharo has significant experience in genome diversity and the functional genomics of animal genetic resources, in particular assessing genome diversity to reveal the evolutionary history and phylogeographic structure of domestic animals. He has also undertaken research to understand the phylogeographic and genetic structure of parasites and pathogens, and how these structures relate to the epidemiology of infectious diseases in wild and domestic animals.

Currently, Dr. Mwacharo’s research is focused on using next generation sequencing technologies to explore and dissect the genetic architecture of complex and simple Mendelian inherited traits with a view to discovering novel candidate genes and genetic variants to provide insights on the evolutionary mechanisms of adaptive evolution.

Joram Mwacharo's Publications

Genetic diversity and structure of goats within an early livestock dispersal area in Eastern North Africa
Multiple genomic signatures of selection in goats and sheep indigenous to a hot arid environment
Genetic diversity and structure in Egyptian indigenous sheep populations mirror patterns of anthropological interactions