Soil, Water, and Agronomy

Conservation Agriculture
Conservation Agriculture

The future of family farming livelihoods in dry areas is in peril due to climate change, land and soil degradation, and diminishing resources - especially water. To help reduce the impact of these factors on crops and livestock production, ICARDA carries out sustainable land, soil, and water management research on three diversified, integrated, and resilient practices for family and large-scale farming:

  • Climate-smart water use and management
  • Conservation agriculture
  • Better soil, nutrients, and agronomy

ICARDA delivers its solutions as integrated packages that include our new innovative technology, capacity-building programs, instruments for better market access, and the current best agronomic approaches. These include sustainable, water-smart irrigation, cultivation of drought-tolerant crop varieties, water management approaches, mechanized raised bed technology, and crop rotation.

We also contribute to the protection and restoration of degraded arable land through long-term soil health management and pest control, in addition to social policies favorable to scaling up innovations and addressing improved opportunities for women and youth in major water management projects.

Land, Soil and Water Innovations

 ICARDA innovations help countries and communities strengthen their adaptation to climate change and transition towards food and nutritional security.

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Climate Smart Crops

Cross Cutting Themes

Our cross-cutting research supports our three research priorities to provide integrated packages that help farmers to implement our innovations and new approaches and allow them to flourish:

Latest News

COP28 will take place in Dubai, UAE, from November 30 to December 12, 2023. With a primary focus on transforming agri-food systems for climate resilience and global food security and location in the heart of the CWANA and Middle East drylands, COP28 holds immense significance for ICARDA, CGIAR’s drylands agricultural Research Center.
ICARDA at Cairo Water Week 2023
ICARDA is participating in Cairo Water Week 2023, scheduled from October 29 to November 2, 2023, in Cairo, Egypt focusing on "Action on Water Adaptation for Sustainability."
CGIAR EiA Stakeholder Workshop in Cairo
Towards a comprehensive priority list of quantifiable outcomes that could guide the upcoming planning for climate change adaptation strategies and agriculture development. 

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