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Our Experts

Office of the Deputy Director General for Research

Breeding and Scalling Improved Varieties of dryland cereals and pulses

Aladdin Hamwieh

Acting - Regional Coordinator-Nile Valley & Red Sea and Chickpea Breeder/Biotechnologist

Hafssa Kabbaj

Senior Research Assistant – Genomic Selection of Durum Wheat

Hicham Chao

Consultant -Project Monitoring Knowledge Management Assistant

Rind Balech

Senior Research Assistant - Lentil and grass pea Breeding

Sawsan Tawkaz

Coordinator - Biotechnology and Plant Cell Culture - Terbol

Capacity Development

Farming with Alternative Pollinators

Aden Aw-Hassan

Consutlant - Conservation of pollinator diversity for enhanced climate change resilience

Genetic Resources, conservation, characterization, and use

Zakaria Kehel

Head of Genetic Resources, Pre-breeding and Gene Bank Operations

Adil Moulakat

Senior Research Assistant - Conservation of Genetic Resources

Ahmed Amri

Consultant - Interim Head of Genetic Resources Unit

Ali Seif Eldine

Senior Research Technician, assisting in curating cereal wild relatives, Lebanon

Farhan Jweid

Research Technician, assisting in curating cereals and food legumes, Syria

Hafid Aberkane

Senior Research Assistant - Conservation of Genetic Resources

Joud Kayali

Senior Research Technician, assisting in curating foragne and range species, Lebanon

Rama Jawad

Senior Research Assistant - Genetic Resources

Geo BigData Driven Digital Augmentation for Sustainable Agro-ecosystems

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

Sara Jani

Consultant - Information Products Coordinator

Resilient Agrosilvopastoral Systems

Aynalem Haile

Small Ruminant Senior Scientist - Breeding and Genetics

Mira Haddad

Research Associate - Spatial Analyses and Database Management

Seed systems, International Nurseries and seed Health

Zewdie Bishaw

Research Team Leader - Seed Systems and International Nurseries

Safaa Kumari

Head of ICARDA Seed Health Laboratory/Plant Virologist

Social Economy and Policy

Soils, Water and Agronomy

Vinay Nangia

Research Team Leader - Soil Water and Agronomy (SWA)