Muhi El-Dine Hilali

Dr. Muhi El-Dine Hilali is a livestock scientist with experience in dairy science, food technology, small ruminant farm management, and nutrition. His current research interests include traditional processing methods, the quality and safety of dairy derivatives, and animal nutrition. He also focuses on small ruminant production, dairy husbandry, dairy processing, and consumer health.

Prior to joining ICARDA, he taught and conducted research on dairy science at Aleppo University. He has authored more than 32 peer-reviewed publications, including book chapters and conference papers. He received his Ph.D. in food science and biotechnology from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (“BOKU” University), Vienna, Austria.

Muhi El-Dine Hilali's Publications

Changes in the milk fatty acid profile of Awassi sheep in response to supplementation with agro-industrial by-products
Estimates of genetic parameters and genetic trends for growth, reproduction, milk production and milk composition traits of Awassi sheep
GnRH and prostaglandin-based synchronization protocols as alternatives to progestogen-based treatments in sheep
Melatonin administration enhances the reproductive capacity of young rams under a southern Mediterranean environment
Supplementing diets of Awassi ewes with olive cake and tomato pomace: on-farm recovery of effects on yield, composition and fatty acid profile of the milk
Characterization of mohair and cashmere in regions of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan
Characterization of camel fibers in regions of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan
Intake pattern and nutrient supply of lactating sheep selecting dried forage from woody plants and straw offered in binary or multiple choice
Influence of feeding Mediterranean food industry by-products and forages to Awassi sheep on physicochemical properties of milk, yoghurt and cheese
The Syrian Jabali goat and its production system
Journal Article
August 23, 2007

The Jabali mountain goats inhabit the extremly unfriendly and harsh environment of western Syria, where they are kept by different ethnic groups, namely, the Alawits, Druses and Bedouins. The Jabali goat is a black goat, with dropping cars and a...