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We envision resilient livelihoods in dryland communities of the developing world with secure access to food, markets, nutrition and health, and the capacity to manage natural resources sustainably.

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Four decades of innovative, science-driven solutions.

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Recent updates

Crossing grasspeas at ICARDA’s facilities at Marchouch Station, Morocco
Two food crops prized for their nutritional value and ability to survive temperature extremes, drought and poor soil are now receiving the attention they deserve. A new project led by the Crop Trust will help improve the productivity of grasspea and finger millet by making more genetic diversity available to breeders.
Raised bed machinery
The mechanized raised-bed technology (MRBT) is an effective measure to increase crop productivity and water-use efficiency in intensive irrigated systems. It presents an important package of improved technology that the agricultural sector in Egypt can take advantage of/benefit from in tackling the challenges it is facing.
Agricultural future of Somalia
Nine of the 15 CGIAR centres were present at a meeting in Nairobi to discuss how CGIAR centres, Government, FAO and donors plan to support agriculture in Somalia after 30 years of conflict.