Boubaker Dhehibi
Senior Natural Resources Economist

Dr. Boubaker Dhehibi is an agricultural resource economist. His current research interests include production economics; climate change; natural resources management; applied micro-econometrics; economic modeling; and competitiveness and productive analysis of the agricultural sector in the MENA region.

Previously, Dr. Dhehibi served as principal economist at the Quantitative Economic Institute in Vienna and the Ministry of Development and International Cooperation in Tunisia. During this time, he conducted economic and social research related to the impact of policies and economic and social reforms on development objectives. Prior to this, he worked as researcher for the Tunisian government’s Department of Agricultural Economics, conducing analysis on agricultural and economic growth and the effects of trade liberalization on the agricultural sector.

Dr. Dhehibi has authored more than 60 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters. He is a recipient of a number of awards, including the 2009 Second Medal Prize for the best research paper given by the Global Development Network on Economics of Natural Resources. He received his Ph.D. in economics from the University of Zaragoza, Spain.

Boubaker Dhehibi's Publications

Predicting farmers’ uptake of spineless cactus in the  Arabian Peninsula: a case study of Qatar
Predicted farmer uptake of new agricultural practices: case of silvo-pastoral technologies in Rajasthan, India
Economic and environmental evaluation of different irrigation systems  for date palm production in the GCC countries: the case of Oman and  Saudi Arabia
Toward Sustainable Water Resources Management in the Tunisian Citrus Sector: Impact of Pricing Policies on Water Resources Reallocation
Impact of improved agricultural extension approaches on technology adoption: Evidence from a randomised controlled trial in rural Tunisia
Better Crop-Livestock Integration for Enhanced Agricultural System Resilience and Food Security in the Changing Climate: Case Study from Low-Rainfall Areas of North Africa
Tunisian Consumer Quality Perception and Preferences for Dairy Products: Do Health and Sustainability Matter?
Water, Policy, and Productivity in Egyptian Agriculture
Journal Article
August 01, 2021

When water scarcity restricts agricultural production, expanding water resources is only one option to
increase or maintain output; investments in research to raise productivity can also release constraints
on growth. In this paper, we construct a...

Assessing Institutional Barriers to Effective Dissemination Strategies of Proven Water Management Practices to Face Climate Change Threats in the Citrus Growing Area in Tunisia
Water Users Associations and irrigation water use efficiency in costal oases areas in Gabès, Southeastern Tunisia
Water users associations and irrigation water use efficiency in costal oases areas of Gabes, South-eastern Tunisia
Prospects for stakeholder cooperation in effective implementation of enhanced rangeland restoration techniques in southern Tunisia
Towards an innovative olive oil value chain: Options for inclusive development in South-Eastern Tunisia
Agricultural growth and sex-disaggregated employment in Africa: Future perspectives under different investment scenarios
Agricultural Technology Transfer Preferences of Smallholder Farmers in Tunisia’s Arid Regions
Market Study and Marketing Strategy for Olive and Olive Oil Sector in the Southern Arid Part of Jordan
Factors affecting innovative technologies adoption by livestock holders in arid area of Tunisia
Socioeconomic assessment of no-till in wheat cropping system: a case study in Algeria
Livelihoods Strategies and Household Resilience to Food Insecurity: A Case Study from Rural Tunisia
Digital Diffusion for Inclusive Agroecosystems
Book Chapter
November 28, 2018

The technological advancements in agriculture have resulted in higher yields but lower ecological efficiency and nutritional value. Little innovations in later sectors such as integrating ecological functions in the production systems have crippled...

Efficiency Change, Technological Progress and Sources of Long Term Agricultural Productivity Growth in Selected MENA Countries
Biophysical and econometric analysis of adoption of soil and water conservation techniques in the semiarid region of Sidi Bouzid (Central Tunisia)
Salinity Impacts on Environmental Efficiency of Wheat farms in Central of Iraq
What Are The Factors Affecting No-Till Adoption In The Farming System Of Sétif Province In Algeria?
Power to the partners? Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) as an approach for more pluralistic agricultural extension service in Egypt
Adoption and Factors Affecting Farmer’s Adoption of Technologies in Farming System: A Case Study of Improved Technologies in ICARDA’s Arabian Peninsula Regional Program
Economic Analysis of the Factors Affecting the Adoption of Sub Surface Irrigation Technology in Iraq
The Moroccan wheat sector: What if there is no more tariff protection?
Enhancing Agricultural Extension Services for Rural Development in Jordan
How Investment in RD&E Offset the Negative Impact of Climate Change on the Tunisian Agricultural Productivity Sector
Factors Affecting the Adoption of Water Harvesting Technologies: A Case Study of Jordanian Arid Area
Returns to agricultural mechanization in Egypt: Lessons learned from innovation driven research
Energy Consumption in Onion and Potato Production within the Province of El Hajeb (Morocco): Towards Energy Use Efficiency in Commercialized Vegetable Production
Impacts of Irrigation on Agricultural Productivity in Egypt
Journal Article
December 21, 2016

This paper investigates the impacts of the main primary production factors (e.g. seed, nitrogen, phosphorus, etc.), on the total production of the main crops produced in Egypt (cotton, berseem, maize, rice and wheat), with special emphasis on the...

Migrants from marginal dry areas in Syria: destinations, employment, and returns
Démarche innovante pour la création d’une chaîne de valeur "Agneau Barbarin de Sidi-Bouzid"
Innovation Platform, Farmers’ Organizations, and Market to Empower Small Farmers Benefit from an Autochthonous Meat Sheep Value Chain Under Low Input Production Systems
Agricultural Growth Accounting and Total Factor Productivity in Jordan: Trends, determinants, and future challenges
An Econometric Study of Spring Potatoes Production in Hama Governorate (Al Ghab Region) in Syria
Adoption Perspectives of Direct Seeding in the High Plains of Sétif - Algeria
Effets des caractéristiques démographiques et économiques des consommateurs sur la perception de la qualité des viandes en Tunisie
Performance evaluation of ground water management instruments: The case of irrigation sector in Tunisia
Growth in Total Factor Productivity in the Egyptian Agriculture Sector: Growth Accounting and Econometric Assessments of Sources of Growth
Impacts of Soil Salinity on the Productivity of Al-Musayyeb Small Farms in Iraq: An Examination of Technical, Economic and Allocative Efficiency
Total Factor Productivity Growth of the Tunisian Agricultural Sector: A review of historical trends and main determinants
Predicted Willingness of Farmers to Adopt Water Harvesting Technologies: A Case Study from the Jordanian Badia (Jordan)
Mapping soil salinity changes using remote sensing in Central Iraq
Measuring the economic impact of climate change on agriculture: a Ricardian analysis of farmlands in Tajikistan
Technical Efficiency and Its Determinants in Food Crop Production: A Case Study of Farms in West Bank, Palestine
Performance of indigenous and exotic×indigenous sheep breeds fed different diets in spring and the efficiency of feeding system in crop–livestock farming
Performances, Policies, Challenges and Opportunities of the Tunisian Agriculture Sector from Natural Resources Management Perspective a SWOT Analysis
Income, Education and Age effects on Meat and Fish Demand in Tunisia
Performance Indicators for Wastewater Reuse Systems in Gaza Governorates
The Impacts of an Improved Technology Package on Production Efficiency: The Case of Wheat Farms in the Northern State of Sudan
Economic assessment of some technologies used in irrigated agriculture and their impacts on farmer’s livelihoods: Case of the Egyptian salt-affected soils farms
Irrigation Water Use Efficiency and Fann Size in Tunisian Agriculture: A Parametric Frontier Analysis Approach
Stochastic Production Frontiers and Decomposition of Output Growth: The Case of Citrus-Growing Farms in Tunisia