Boubaker Dhehibi
Senior Natural Resources Economist
Dr. Boubaker Dhehibi is an agricultural resource economist. His current research interests include production economics; economics of climate change; natural resources management; technology adoption and impact assessment, applied micro-econometrics; economic modelling; and competitiveness and productive analysis of the agricultural sector in the MENA region.


Dr. Dhehibi joined the International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA) in 2011 as an associate scientist and is currently a senior scientist in the Resilient Agricultural Livelihoods Systems (RALS) program. His research portfolios include innovations in partnerships, policies and platforms for the efficient, inclusive and climate-resilient transformation of agrifood systems for the CGIAR initiative on From Fragility to Resilience in Central and West Asia and North Africa (F2R-CWANA) in five countries, inclusive business models and financing strategies for the CG-Agro-ecology initiative on Transformational Agroecology Across Food, Land, and Water Systems (AEi), and for the Arabian Peninsula Regional Program in the six GCC countries and Yemen. During the period 2011-2022, he has supported research projects in over 18 countries in North Africa, the Middle East, West Asia, and Arabian Peninsula.


Before joining ICARDA, Dr. Dhehibi served as a principal economist at the Tunisian Institute of Competitiveness and Quantitative Studies and the Ministry of Development and International Cooperation in Tunisia. During this time, he conducted economic and social research related to the impact of policies and economic and social reforms on development objectives. Prior to this, he worked as a researcher for the Tunisian government’s Department of Agricultural Economics, conducting analysis on agricultural and economic growth and the effects of trade liberalization on the agricultural sector.


Dr. Dhehibi has authored more than 120 publications, including peer-reviewed journal articles, conference proceedings, policy briefs, position papers, book chapters, working papers, and technical reports. He is a recipient of a number of awards, including the 2009 Second Medal Prize for the best research paper given by the Global Development Network on Economics of Natural Resources. He received his Ph.D. in economics from the University of Zaragoza, Spain.

Boubaker Dhehibi's Publications

Journal Article
August 01, 2021

When water scarcity restricts agricultural production, expanding water resources is only one option to
increase or maintain output; investments in research to raise productivity can also release constraints
on growth. In this paper, we construct a...

Book Chapter
November 28, 2018

The technological advancements in agriculture have resulted in higher yields but lower ecological efficiency and nutritional value. Little innovations in later sectors such as integrating ecological functions in the production systems have crippled...

Journal Article
October 16, 2017

هدفت هذه الدراسة الى التعرف على العوامل المؤثرة في تبني تقنية الري تحت السطحي والتنبؤ بالمدة الزمنية التي تتطلبها التقنية للانتشار على مدى واسع من المزارعين، وذلك عند تطبيق هذه التقنية على مجموعة من مزارعي محصول الخيار في منطقة الدراسة من خلال مشروع...

Journal Article
December 21, 2016

This paper investigates the impacts of the main primary production factors (e.g. seed, nitrogen, phosphorus, etc.), on the total production of the main crops produced in Egypt (cotton, berseem, maize, rice and wheat), with special emphasis on the...