Abdoul Aziz Niane

Abdoul Aziz Niane
Regional Coordinator APRP

Dr. Abdoul Aziz Niane is a seed technologist and rangeland ecologist with more than 30 years of experience in crop management and post-harvest seed operations. Since joining ICARDA in 1987, he has worked on seed production and post-harvest operations with extensive regional activities, including training and technical support on national seed system diversification.

He has led the operation and diversification of seed delivery systems, and implemented rangeland ecosystem monitoring and rehabilitation efforts. Dr. Niane has authored more than 20 peer-reviewed publications. His research interests include basic and applied research on seed science and technology.

He received his Ph.D. in rangeland ecology from Wageningen University in the Netherlands, and a M.Sc. in plant protection from Cukuruva University in Turkey.

Abdoul Aziz Niane's Publications

Predicting farmers’ uptake of spineless cactus in the  Arabian Peninsula: a case study of Qatar
Economic and environmental evaluation of different irrigation systems  for date palm production in the GCC countries: the case of Oman and  Saudi Arabia
A Holistic Framework towards Developing a Climate-Smart Agri-Food System in the Middle East and North Africa: A Regional Dialogue and Synthesis
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Impacts of bracteole removal and seeding rate on seedling emergence of halophyte shrubs: implications for rangeland rehabilitation in arid environments
Digital Diffusion for Inclusive Agroecosystems
Book Chapter
November 28, 2018

The technological advancements in agriculture have resulted in higher yields but lower ecological efficiency and nutritional value. Little innovations in later sectors such as integrating ecological functions in the production systems have crippled...

Political Economy of the Wheat Sector in Morocco: Seed Systems, Varietal Adoption, and Impacts
Bayesian Estimation of Shrubs Diversity in Rangelands under Two Management Systems in Northern Syria
Effects of Temperature, Relative Humidity and Moisture Content on Seed Longevity of Shrubby Russian Thistle (Salsola vermiculata L.)