Mariana Yazbek

Mariana Yazbek
Genebank Manager - Scientist

Mariana Yazbek is a post-doctoral fellow working with ICARDA’s Genetic Resources Section, where she manages the Center’s gene bank and GRS activities conducted in Lebanon. Her work focuses on promoting the in-situ conservation of agrobiodiversity, specifically landraces and wild relatives of agricultural crops.

Before joining ICARDA, Yazbek was a senior lecturer at the American University of Beirut (AUB) where she taught botany and ecology courses, and conducted research related to biodiversity assessments and conservation in Lebanon. She remains an associate member of the University’s Nature Conservation Center.  

Mariana Yazbek's Publications

ICARDA Efforts to Promote In Situ/On-farm Conservation of Dryland Agrobiodiversity
Opportunities and Limitations in Medicinal and Aromatic Plants’ Markets and Research in Developing Countries: Lebanon as a Case Study