Yigezu Atnafe Yigezu

Yigezu Atnafe Yigezu
Senior Agricultural Economist

Dr. Yigezu Atnafe Yigezu is an agricultural economist with a focus on international development and policy analysis. He has research experience in various areas of agricultural development including: production economics, bio-economic modeling of production systems, natural resource and environmental economics, livestock value chain analysis, policy analysis, and technology adoption, out-scaling, and impact assessment.


He joined ICARDA in 2010 as a post doc, then progressed to scientist and senior scientist.

Currently, Dr. Yigezu’s responsibilities include conducting impact assessments for the CGIAR Research Program on Wheat and leading an initiative which aims to improve extension services in Ethiopia. Over the course of his career he has supported research projects in over 16 countries in Africa, Asia, and North America.

Dr. Yigezu has published 15 peer reviewed journal articles, five book chapters, six working papers, 13 conference presentations, and over 30 project reports. Over the last eight years, he has raised over US$3.61 million in research funding.

Dr. Yigezu holds a master’s degree and a Ph.D. in agricultural economics from Purdue University in the United States. His quantitative skills include mathematical programming, stochastic dynamic programming, computable general equilibrium (CGE), input-output (IO) modeling, and econometrics. Prior to his graduate studies, Yigezu worked with the government of Ethiopia for 10 years.

Yigezu Atnafe Yigezu's Publications

Bio-economic efficiency of creep supplementation of forage legumes or concentrate in pasture-based lamb production system
Financial incentives: Possible options for sustainable rangeland management?
Measuring the effectiveness of extension innovations for out-scaling agricultural technologies
A policy option for valuing irrigation water in the dry areas
Journal Article
November 30, 2014

Participants at the international conference on policies for water and food security in the dry areas, held in June 2013, agreed that, given the fast pace of depletion of groundwater, the issue of water valuation in the dry areas is no longer one of...

Implications of a shift in irrigation technology on resource use efficiency: A Syrian case