Mira Haddad
Research Associate - Spatio-temporal assessment

Mira Haddad is a senior research assistant: spatial analysis and database management working in the Water, Land and Ecosystem program (WLE) at ICARDA since 2013. She holds a MSc. in Environmental Science and Management. She is specialized in spatial analysis and database management. Mira work with WLE scientists in implementing projects related to soil and water management in several countries in the region.

She is responsible for project databases (including field data) collection, analysis, curation, and development. She functions hydrological models for watershed management and predicting climate change impacts, defining suitable and similar areas to adopt improved agriculture technologies.

Mira Haddad's Publications

Heat units-based potential yield assessment for cotton production in Uzbekistan
The micro-catchment water harvesting-based rehabilitation ameliorated soil microbial abundance, diversity and function in a degraded dryland
Rehabilitation of degraded rangelands in Jordan: The effects of mechanized micro water harvesting on hill-slope scale soil water and vegetation dynamics
Surface Runoff and Drought Assessment Using Global Water Resources Datasets - from Oum Er Rbia Basin to the Moroccan Country Scale