Mira Haddad
Research Associate - Spatio-temporal assessment
Mira Haddad draws on 17 years of experience as an environmental and geographic information system (GIS) specialist. She is a Research Associate: Spatial Analysis and Database Management. She is part of the Resilient Agro-silvopastoral Systems research team in ICARDA. Her work supports the research on the enhancement of ecosystems services and approaching land degradation neutrality in drylands.
She is a member of the Land Degradation Neutrality research team at ICARDA, the Restoration Initiative on Dryland Ecosystems (RIDE), primarily focusing on marginal dryland agro-pastoral community and watershed development in the Central and West Asia region. She works on soil and water management projects in Jordan, Lebanon, Sudan, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Morocco, Tunisia, and Uzbekistan. Other responsibilities include field data collection, data analysis and function hydrological models for watershed management and predicting climate change impacts, defining suitable and similar areas to adopt improved agriculture technologies. She is currently a PhD student at the Faculty of Geosciences at Utrecht University and holds an MSc in Environmental Science and Management from Jordan University.

Mira Haddad's Publications