Aynalem Haile

Aynalem Haile
Small Ruminant Senior Scientist - Breeding and Genetics

Dr. Aynalem Haile has over 25 years of research and development experience in various national and international research and development organizations. He is currently a senior scientist, focusing on small ruminants within ICARDA’s office for sub-Saharan Africa in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Dr. Haile has authored or co-authored more than 190 publications in peer-reviewed journals and edited proceedings. He holds a Ph.D. in animal genetics and breeding.

Aynalem Haile's Publications

Lungworm infection in small ruminants in Ethiopia: Systematic review and meta-analysis
Estimates of genetic parameters and genetic trends for growth, reproduction, milk production and milk composition traits of Awassi sheep
Investigations into nematode parasites of goats in pastoral and crop livestock systems of Ethiopia
Definition of smallholder Sheko cattle keepers’ breeding objectives through phenotypic ranking and choice experiments in Ethiopia
GnRH and prostaglandin-based synchronization protocols as alternatives to progestogen-based treatments in sheep
Characterization of production system and breeding practices of sheep producers in Doyogena district, Southern Ethiopia
Morphological characteristics and linear body measurements of Doyogena sheep in Doyogena district of SNNPR, Ethiopia
Recording birth weight has no significance in village based genetic improvement programs of small ruminants
Morphological and molecular genetic diversity of Syrian indigenous goat populations
Review of sheep crossbreeding based on exotic sires and among indigenous breeds in the tropics: An Ethiopian perspective
Characterization of Indigenous Goat Populations in Selected Areas of Ethiopia
Breeding programmes for smallholder sheep farming systems: II. Optimization of cooperative village breeding schemes
Breeding programs for smallholder sheep farming systems: I. Evaluation of alternative designs of breeding schemes
Feasibility of pedigree recording and genetic selection in village sheep flocks of smallholder farmers
Effect of genetic improvement of body weight on herddynamics and profitability of Ethiopian meat sheep: Adynamic simulation model
Community based sheep breeding programs: Tapping into indigenous knowledge
Optimization of selection for growth in Menz Sheep while minimizing inbreeding depression in fitness traits
Survivability of lambs under village management condition: The case around Jimma, Ethiopia