Enrico Bonaiuti

Enrico Bonaiuti
Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Specialist

Enrico Bonaiuti is the monitoring, evaluation and learning specialist for the CGIAR Research Program on Grain Legumes and Dryland Cereals. He has 15 years-experience in agricultural and rural development, with an inter-disciplinary academic background. His recent work has focused on strengthening the performance assessment/management functions of local institutions, development agencies, and organizations.

Previously, Bonaiuti served as Program Coordinator for the CGIAR Research Program on Dryland Systems, responsible for implementing a monitoring, evaluation and learning framework, which defined indicators, conducted evidence-based evaluations at the systems level, and enhanced co-learning among stakeholders.

Before joining ICARDA, Bonaiuti served as monitoring and evaluation specialist for the ‘Harmonized Support for Agricultural Development’ initiative in Iraq, where he analyzed cropping systems, socio-economic data, and soil and water conditions for specific irrigation projects managed by Iraq’s Ministry of Water Resources.

He holds a master’s degree in agricultural sciences from the University of Florence, Italy, and a master’s degree in marketing and economics from Bocconi University in Milan, Italy.