Aymen Frija

Aymen Frija
Agricultural Economist (Economic Modeling)

Dr. Aymen Frija is an agricultural economist. His current research interests focus on farm modeling, farm efficiency and productivity analysis, agricultural water management instruments, institutional performance analysis, and the economics of conservation agriculture.

Previously, he was a post-doctoral researcher at Ghent University in Belgium, specializing in agricultural water policy analysis in developing countries. He was also assistant professor and researcher at the College of Agriculture of Mograne, Carthage University, in Tunisia.

Dr. Frija is the author of more than 50 publications. He is an active member of several scientific and professional associations, such as the African Association of Agricultural Economists and the Tunisian Association of Water and Environment. He holds a Ph.D. in agricultural economics from Ghent University in Belgium.

Aymen Frija's Publications

Efficiency Change, Technological Progress and Sources of Long Term Agricultural Productivity Growth in Selected MENA Countries
Biophysical and econometric analysis of adoption of soil and water conservation techniques in the semiarid region of Sidi Bouzid (Central Tunisia)
Typology analysis of sheep production, feeding systems and farmers strategies for livestock watering in Tunisia
Mapping Social Networks for Performance Evaluation of Irrigation Water Management in Dry Areas
How Investment in RD&E Offset the Negative Impact of Climate Change on the Tunisian Agricultural Productivity Sector
Farmers’ Adaptation to Groundwater Shortage in the Dry Areas: Improving Appropriation or Enhancing Accommodation?
Effet des quotas d’eau d’irrigation sur l’efficacité d’usage de l’eau dans les exploitations maraîchères du Nord-est Algérien: Vers une serriculture plus valorisante de la ressource en eau
Journal Article
December 15, 2016

L’objectif de cet article est d’analyser l’efficacité technique et d’usage de l’eau d’irrigation dans le périmètre irrigué Jijel-Taher dans l’Est de l’Algérie, ainsi que l’effet de différents niveaux de quotas d’eau sur l’amélioration de ces...

Gestion de l’usage d’une nappe par un groupement d’agriculteurs: l’expérience de Bsissi Oued El Akarit en Tunisie
Country-Level Bio-Economic Modeling of Agricultural Technologies to Enhance Wheat-Based Systems Productivity in the Dry Areas
Measurement of the total factor productivity and its determinants: the case of the wheat sector in Tunisia
Impact of improving water-use efficiency on its valuation: The case of irrigated wheat production in Tunisia
Performance evaluation of ground water management instruments: The case of irrigation sector in Tunisia
Growth in Total Factor Productivity in the Egyptian Agriculture Sector: Growth Accounting and Econometric Assessments of Sources of Growth
Les performances des petites exploitations irriguées de la basse vallée de la Medjerda en Tunisie
Total Factor Productivity Growth of the Tunisian Agricultural Sector: A review of historical trends and main determinants
Economic efficiency measures and its determinants for irrigated wheat farms in Tunisia: a DEA approach
Performances, Policies, Challenges and Opportunities of the Tunisian Agriculture Sector from Natural Resources Management Perspective a SWOT Analysis