Nigamananda Swain

Nigamananda Swain
Platform Manager, Amlaha-India and Interim Country Manager, Afghanistan

Dr. Nigamananda Swain is a watershed and water scientist with an in-depth understanding of natural resource management, land and water conservation, participatory resource management, dryland production systems, and project management and documentation.

Since joining ICARDA in 2014, Dr. Swain has contributed to the development of a comprehensive natural resources management strategy, initiated planning for watershed and various other agricultural projects, and implemented monitoring, evaluation and science reporting for projects in Afghanistan and India.

He has significant experience developing partnerships with donors, country governments, ministries, national agricultural research systems, and universities, and regularly engages in scientific discussions to create project concepts and proposals. Dr. Swain has published numerous scientific documents and teaching materials on agriculture and natural resources management. He completed his Ph.D. and master’s degree in agricultural economics from Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology, India.

Nigamananda Swain's Publications

Genotype x Environment Interaction and identifying high yielding stable lines in chickpea under Afghanistan Environments
Genotype × Environment Interaction and Identification of High Yielding Wheat Genotypes for Afghanistan