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Capacity development

Promoting the benefits of conservation agriculture to farmers in Erbil, Iraq

Capacity development lies at the heart of ICARDA’s mission to strengthen resilience and improve the sustainable productivity of dryland agriculture. We target individuals and institutions and equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to address critical issues and challenges.

We support scientists, for instance, to advance productivity through the development of drought tolerant, disease resistant, and nutritious crop varieties, as well as the application of new animal husbandry techniques, livestock vaccines, and drugs. The Center also targets climate change adaptation and improved water and land management.

ICARDA’s Capacity Development Unit also prioritizes the inclusion of a wide range of actors involved in agricultural development: local, regional and international NGOs and authorities; agricultural researchers; students; farmers; and National Agricultural Research Systems (NARS).

Capacity strengthening takes the form of: regional and national training courses, on-the-job training, individual degree and non-degree scholarships, and internships. Each promotes the use of proven agricultural tools and technologies that connect innovations in agricultural research to smallholder farmers.

Agricultural research for development (AR4D) and the generation and dissemination of agricultural innovations are vital to transformative change - in agricultural productivity and the dietary diversity needed to meet rising global demand for nutritious and safe food for the poor and food insecure.

Selected impacts:

E-learning platform

The new e-learning platform offers stand-alone e-learning courses as well as additional content for face-to-face training. The platform gives ICARDA trainees a new learning experience and leverages modern technologies to enhance teaching, learning and professional development.

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