Agreeing on causes of malnutrition for joint action

Start Date
January 01, 2019
Online course

This interactive course is a self-training tool. It guides you through the simulation of a workshop process in the fictional country of Namambar. You will learn how to use a methodology based on malnutrition problem-and-solution trees to support joint planning for combating food insecurity and malnutrition. Through this course, you will also improve your understanding of the multi-sectoral causes of malnutrition, and gain new facilitation skills for successful participatory workshops.

The online version of this course is a pre-release version. Please be aware that course progress will be lost when changing computer or browser.

Duration: 1.5 Hours


The module is designed to assist professionals from a variety of sectors (agriculture, livestock, fisheries, health, rural development, education, social protection...) that are involved in shaping and implementing development, emergency and resilience programmes, regardless of their institutional background. This course addresses professionals working for development partners (i.e. international organizations, donor agencies, NGOs), for national governments or as independent consultants.


This module follows the 4 phases of the workshop process:

  • The preparation of the workshop
  • The introductory and problem tree sessions
  • The solution tree session
  • The action-plan session and the follow-up of the workshop.

Authors and Contributors:

Authors, expert reviewers, contributors and translators for this course include the following individuals:

Course Coordinator

Domitille Kauffmann, FAO-ESN


Domitille Kauffmann, FAO-ESN
Anne-Lyse Coutin, FAO-ESN external consultant
Hugo Marichales, external consultant


Charlotte Dufour, FAO-ESN
Beatrice Ghirardini, FAO-OPCC
Anna-Lisa Noack, FAO-TCI 

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