Breeding approaches for enhancing genetic gains in grain legumes and dryland cereals

Start Date
December 10, 2018
Training course
New Delhi, India

Purpose: To impart training on modern tools and techniques of crop breeding to accelerate genetic gain in GLDC crops

Expected Output: Trained National Agricultural Research System (NARS) partners in breeding tools and techniques and data management system.

Expected Outcome: NARS partners adopt modern tools and techniques in breeding programs to achieve enhanced genetic gain and operational efficiency.

Course Venue: National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources (NBPGR), New Delhi, India.

Type of training materials Used: Course includes lectures, training materials (PDF and PowerPoint files), example data sets (Excel files) and Breeding View software + training license for hands-on practical sessions, visit to facilities and labs

Course outline:

Standard Operating Procedures (SoPs) for GLDC crop breeding and testing pipelines.

Crop Product Profiles (PPs) – Designing crop PPs, Crop Network groups, stage-gate system, crop examples of PPs (legume & cereal).

Rapid generation turnover (RGT) using controlled growing conditions.

High throughput phenotyping for biotic and abiotic stresses, and quality testing of grain and plant residues.

Managing breeding and testing pipeline (Breeding Management System, data management, experimental design and statistical analysis)

Crowd sourcing approaches to enhance genetic gain and adoption.

The course will run session with the trainees regarding the expectations and learnings.

Target Training Audience: NARS partners from Eastern & Southern Africa (ESA), Western & Central Africa (WCA) and South Asia (SA) (Max. 30)

Training Coordinators:

Jai C Rana & Ronnie Vernooy (Bioversity International),  Kuldeep Singh (ICAR-NPBGR), Shiv K Agrawal (ICARDA), Chigeza Godfree (IITA), & Janila P (ICRISAT).

Principal contacts: Dr Shiv K Agrawal, ( & Jai Rana  (

Funding Source: Flagship on ‘Variety and Hybrid Development’ of CRP-Grain Legumes and Dryland Cereals ((