Geoinformatics application in agriculture and resilience

Start Date
February 10, 2019
Training course
Cairo, Egypt

Participants : 9 participants (Iraq 7, Tunisia 1, Egypt 1)

Period : 3 weeks

(1) Course Objectives

To introduce a state of the art geoinformatics platform for pursuing research, outputs and outcome generation. Through this lecture, practice-based training assists scientists with the following:

· To understand potential application of remote sensing/GIS applications;

· To learn the background to general image processing and GIS operation to extract and manage spatial information.

(2) Course Outlines

Topic 1: Fundamentals of Geoinformatics

Module I: Overview

Lectures: Introduction to Remote Sensing

Lab: Basics of Image Display and Visualization

Manual, Chapter 1&2: Basics

Topic 2: Data Characteristics and Image Processing

Module II

Lectures: Understanding Processes and Sensors

Lab: Image Processing

Manual, Chapter 3&4: Sensors and Resolutions

Module III

Lectures: Data Preprocessing and Analysis

Lab: Data Calibration & Analysis

Manual, Chapter 5&6: Preprocessing and Analysis

Topic 3: Classification and GIS Analysis

Module IV

Lectures: Multispectral Data Analysis

Lab: Classification and Analysis

Manual: Chapter 7: Multispectral Classification

Module V

Lecture: RS/GIS Applications

Lab: Project: Mapping (topic on specific needs)

Manual: Chapter 8: Individual Project