International Conference on Wheat Diversity and Human Health

Start Date
October 22, 2019
Wheat and human health
Wheat and human health

The objective of this conference is bringing the Wheat researchers and the Human Health community together to exchange information and discuss strategies for improving the health benefits of wheat by exploiting diverse genetic resources, modern breeding, genomics, and sustainable production and processing technologies. This milestone event will be highlighted by plenary and in talks delivered by national and international experts from both fields. The conference program will also include oral and poster presentations from researches in these fields.

The conference comes at the time when the importance of global food security is as high as ever. In the past the efforts of the wheat community were focused on producing sufficient volume of grain with quality suitable for industry, with impressive progress. At the present time, there is increasing interest in the nutritional quality and of wheat products and their impact on health. Wheat as a crop has evolved into a very diverse commodity with a wide range of modern varieties, landraces, ancient grains, colored wheat, and different species. This diversity has huge potential to enrich our diet. However, we are still only beginning to discover how best to utilize this diversity in order to sustain us and improve our health.