CGIAR Women In Science: shaping the world through science and innovation

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February 08, 2021
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ICARDA Communication Team
CGIAR Women In Science
CGIAR Women In Science

This Thursday, ICARDA will join 12 other CGIAR centers in a first of its kind virtual Marathon featuring CG female scientists’ groundbreaking research work. Powered by WIRES, a newly founded employee-led resource group providing visibility to female CGIAR scientists’ contributions. The Marathon will be held on February 11th to celebrate Women and Girls in Science day. During an hour-long webinar (1-2pm UCT +1), ICARDA will give the floor to two prominent scientists, Dina Najjar and Mira Haddad to present their work and discuss the gender implications of agricultural research for development.

  • Dr. Dina Najjar is a Gender Scientist and a Social Economy Policy researcher
  • Mira Haddad is an Associate Researcher in Spatio-temporal Assessment working in rangeland restoration. 

This public event will allow for the audience in and out of CGIAR to ask questions to our panelists and familiarize themselves with the achievements and passion that drive them, and the challenges they face along the way.  
Tune in on Thursday and be inspired by the ways they redefine the frontiers of science for development, for the greater good.


Dina and Mira will be presenting their work and taking Q&A's on 
Thursday, 11 February 2021, 1-2pm UCT +1