Manual: Cactus Pear Agronomic Practices

Published Date
December 30, 2019
Manual: Cactus Pear  Agronomic Practices
Mounir Louhaichi
Sawsan Hassan, Giorgia Liguori

Good agronomic practices play a crucial role in achieving high and economically sustainable yields. The purpose of this work is to provides recommended Good Agricultural Practices relating to cactus pear plantation and establishment in different areas worldwide. This is to ensure that cactus pear growers maximize the return from their cactus plantations and guide them towards a sustainable agriculture production system. The manual addresses the recommended agricultural techniques related to cactus pear establishment, growing, harvesting and pest management.

Mounir Louhaichi, Sawsan Hassan, Giorgia Liguori. (30/12/2019). Manual: Cactus Pear Agronomic Practices.