Recruitment FAQ

Our recruitment process is designed to select the best applicant for a role based on objective and fair criteria. Recruitment is on a competitive basis, takes into account competence and suitability to the requirements of the position, and reflects our commitment to achieving gender balance and diversity.

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Q: How do I apply for a vacancy?

Each vacancy is published on our careers page. You will need to create a profile in our system IEA and then click on the “apply” button for the vacancy you would like to be considered for. If you created a profile in the past, you must update your cover letter and CV in PDF or MS word format before clicking “apply.”

Q: Can I update my online profile as and when there is a need?

You can update your profile at any time. However, you cannot update your application through the system once you have applied for a vacancy. If you need to change any information, you should click on the link “For technical assistance or suggestions.”

Q: Whom can I contact if I am having problems with the online portal?

Please click the link “For technical assistance or suggestions” with any queries related to system issues resolution.

Q: Do you accept applications by mail?

No. Applications are accepted through the online portal only.

Q: Can I send unsolicited application?

Only applications for existing vacancies are accepted, using the online portal.

Q: I did not receive a confirmation email after submitting an application for a job. What should I do?

Please contact us though the link “for technical assistance or suggestions, click here” with any queries related to system issues resolution.

Q: Can I apply after the announced deadline has passed?

Unless otherwise stated, all applications should be submitted through the online portal within the deadline. Once a vacancy deadline has passed, candidates will no longer be able to apply anymore.

Q: How can I track the status of my application?

The system notifies applicants who have successfully submitted their application. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted by a member of the human resources team. No other notifications will be sent out. If you do not hear from us within 60 days of your application, you should consider your application unsuccessful.

Q: How long does the recruitment process take?

Depending on the type of position, the full recruitment process may take between 60 and 100 days.

Q: What happens after my interview?

A member of the human resources team will contact you as soon as a decision has been made.

Q: How will my data will be stored and used in the system?

Your data will be stored in a secured database and will be referred to only for the purpose of your job application.

Q: Can I remove my details from the system if I am no longer interested in applying for ICARDA?

Once you log-in in your profile, you can choose to unsubscribe.

This process will result in the following:

  1. Removing all applications that belong to you.
  2. Removing your Profile completely.

This process cannot be rolled back