Mission & vision



To reduce poverty and enhance food, water, and nutritional security and environmental health in the face of global challenges, including climate change.



We envision thriving and resilient livelihoods in the dry areas of the developing world with adequate incomes, secure access to food, markets, and nutrition, and the capacity to manage natural resources in equitable, sustainable, and innovative ways.


Who we are

The International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA) is an international organization undertaking research-for-development. We provide innovative, science-based solutions for communities across the non-tropical dry areas. In partnership with research institutions, NGOs, governments, and the private sector, our work advances scientific knowledge, shapes practices, and informs policy.

Since its establishment in 1977, ICARDA has implemented research-for-development programs in 50 countries across the world’s dry areas - from Morocco in North Africa to Bangladesh in South Asia.