2nd Cairo Water Week

Start Date
October 20, 2019
General event
Cairo, Egypt
2nd Cairo Water Week
2nd Cairo Water Week

Driven by the success of the1st Cairo Water Week, it has been decided to make the CWW an annual event. Thus, the 2nd Cairo Water Week will be organized on October 20-24, 2019 in Cairo, Egypt. As a natural sequence after the 1st CWW, the title of the 2nd CWW is chosen to be “Responding to Water Scarcity”.

It will be an opportunity for academics, scholars, and policy makers, water resources experts from all around the world to present and discuss the key issues, plans and actions related to responding to the challenges of water scarcity. Thus, the 2nd CWW aims at translating the vision created during the 1st CWW into actions towards best practices and suitable implementation plans.

CWW ensures knowledge transfer and how it can be acquired through successful public or private business models, political opportunities and obstacles, capacity building needs.