Big Data in agriculture

Start Date
December 10, 2018
Training course
Rabat, Morocco

1/ Course overview:

Big Data is an important topic in Agriculture and also for ICARDA. In order to understand what Big Data is, how to contribute to

2/ Key benefits:

  • To have an understanding of what Big Data is
  • To understand the role of Big Data within ICARDA’s research
  • To learn about data collection, storage, curation, visualization
  • To understand legal issues concerning data collection, storage and sharing

3/ the target group

The target group are staff of ICARDA from different departments. For a general overview of what Big Data is, all staff is targeted. For more specific input on legal issues, how to work with big data, data curation, publishing data papers etc., relevant scientists will be addressed


Day 1 (Dec 10, Mon): Big Picture of the Big Data: All about the big data in agriculture with focus on dry areas (ICARDA mandates)   

Day 2 (Dec 11, Tue): Data collection, curation, management in research at ICARDA (representative from each programs and units) and partner centers (representatives)  

Day 3 (Dec 12, Wed): All about the geolocalizing the research and outreach with field days demo (about geotagging, its significance in modern research, implications, tools, etc)  

Day 4 (Dec 13, Thu) : All about the FAIR data  (making data useful, interoperable, metadata, MEL, data sharing, all about FAIR principles, OA, DM..etc.)

Day 5 (Dec 14, Fri): Working the joint activities (projects, proposal…) taking Big Data as key catalyst for integration of the research, outreach, citizen science, technology transfer  and capacity building