Climate Modeling Training in Iraq

Start Date
September 25, 2019
Bagdad, Iraq, Al Rasheed Hotel
Iraq Second National Commitment Report

25-26 September 2019. Bagdad, Iraq. Basics of Climate Change and its Impact on Natural Resources: A Modelling Perspective.

ICARDA organised a training for officials of various ministries of the Government of Iraq as part of Iraq’s commitments to the UNFCC for the Preparation of the Second National Communication (SNC) and the Biennial Update Report (BUR).

BURs are reports to be submitted, containing updates of national Greenhouse Gas (GHG) inventories, including a national inventory report and information on mitigation actions, needs and support received. Such reports provide updates on actions undertaken by a Party to implement the Convention, including the status of its GHG emissions and removals by sinks, as well as on the actions to reduce emissions or enhance sinks.


Iraq Second National Commitment Report

The Consultative Group of Experts from Parties with the support of the secretariat, assists developing country Parties in preparing their BURs by developing and making available training materials for the preparation of BURs and also conducting regional  training workshops aimed at enhancing the capacity of national experts.

  • The Earth’s Climate System: An Introduction, Basics of Meteorology and Climatology, Carbon and Water cyclesAjit Govind, Research Scientist
  • Climate Modeling, Climate Data Downscaling and Analysis (Discussions targeted to SNC-BUR)Ajit Govind  + Mira Haddad, Senior Research Assistant: Spatial Analysis and Database Management
  • Spatially-Explicit Process-based modeling of various environmental aspects to understand Climate Change Vulnerability and Impacts (Discussions for SNC-BUR)Ajit Govind
  • Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT): modeling catchment to basin scale hydrology and agricultural management scenarios Stefan Strohmeier, Associate Scientist - Soil and Water Conservation + Mira Haddad
  • Modeling the Implications of climate change on hydrological cycle (with Discussions for SNC-BUR) Stefan Strohmeier, Mira Haddad, Ajit Govind
  • Basin scale Hydrology and Climate Change case studies: fostering discussion on Iraq CC scenarios (with Discussions for SNC-BUR)Mira Haddad
Iraq Second National Commitment Report

Participant organizations:

Ministries: Environment and Health ; Transportation ; Industries and Minerals ; Science and technology ; Construction and housing ; Electrical ; Agriculture ; Archeological and tourism ; Foreign Affairs

Others: UNEP ; Infrastructure Protection and Improvement Commission ; National center for Climate Change ; Baghdad greater municipality ; Karkh science university