The 2nd FAO WASAG International Forum

Published Date
November 28, 2022
Published by
ICARDA Communication Team

Praia, Cabo Verde, West Africa, 7-10 February 2023 – ICARDA’s Soil, Water and Agronomy (SWA) Team in partnership with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) will hold a dryland agriculture session in the 2nd Global Framework on Water Scarcity and Agriculture (WASAG) Forum hosted by FAO. 


WASAG plays a significant role in developing collaborative actions as solutions to the increasing challenges posed by climate change and the resulting water scarcity to make agriculture more resilient. The Forum brings together concerned partners to exchange relevant, latest practices, knowledge, and experience on critical issues and provides an opportunity for collaboration among partners. WASAG partners aim to nudge policymakers to address water scarcity in agriculture.  


The dryland agriculture session will showcase the state-of-the-art innovations in the field of dryland agriculture water management that hold potential in making agriculture resilient to climatic variability and changes. Dryland agriculture includes marginal rainfed production systems and rangelands. With a changing and variable climate, drylands need urgent and serious sustained attention.  Approaches that can be implemented in drylands are, but not limited to, supplemental irrigation, rainwater harvesting, diversified (inter)cropping systems, maximizing economic water productivity, solar irrigation using desalinated water, agroforestry, and integrated crop-livestock-forage systems.    


ICARDA is a founding Steering Committee Member of WASAG, and ICARDA’s SWA Research Team Leader Vinay Nangia is on the Forum’s Organizing Committee. 


Deadline for abstract submission is December 11, 2022.   

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