CGIAR F2R-CWANA & ClimBeR Initiatives to launch in Morocco

Published Date
May 14, 2022
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ICARDA Communication Team
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Rabat, Morocco, May 2022: This week sees major advances for agricultural research-for-development (R4D) in Morocco with the launch of the partner-led CGIAR Climber and F2R-CWANA Initiatives, and the inauguration of the new ICARDA Morocco genebank.

The Climber and F2R-CWANA Initiatives are two of CGIAR’s new global portfolio of 33 initiatives developed by CGIAR and its partners, to deliver more relevant, consistent, and efficient outcomes, through the strengthened collaboration of our global research centers to improve knowledge and asset sharing, and reduce institutional boundaries.

Both initiatives are the result of months of teamwork by CGIAR’s global science experts, working in close consultation with our research partners and experts, committed donors, and above all, our in-country partners to ensure that all outcomes are market and demand driven.


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16 May 2022 - ClimBeR National Inception Workshop – Rabat, Morocco 
CGIAR'sClimBeR Initiative aims to transform the climate adaptation capacity of global food systems increasing the resilience of smallholder production systems to withstand severe climate change effects such as increased frequency of droughts, floods, and high temperatures. ClimBeR researchers and partners will focus on transformative adaptation and tackling the root causes of vulnerability within the limitations of climate adaptation preparedness of food and agricultural systems in low-and middle-income countries.

Jointly organized and hosted by INRA, this workshop aims to develop a common vision of ClimBeR’s impact in Morocco and co-design an action plan for ClimBeR activities, specifically Climate-Smart Systems Solutions and Scaling (C4S) innovation. Coordinated by ICARDA in partnership with the BRIDGE consortium and other regional and local partners. 

The ClimBeR Workshop is launched by:

Johan Swinnen, Global Director of Systems Transformation, CGIAR and Director General of International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

Aly Abousabaa, Regional Director, Central and West Asia and North Africa (CWANA); Director General of ICARDA

Faouzi Bekkaoui, Director, National Institutfor Agronomic Research,Morocco

ClimBeR Initiative Lead - Jon Hellin, IRRI

ClimBeR Initiative Co-Lead - Ajit Govind, ICARDA



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17 May 2022 - From Fragility to Resilience in Central and West Asia, and North Africa (F2R-CWANA) National Inception Workshop – Rabat, Morocco 
At its core, this initiative will provide options for climate adaptation and mitigation that respond to, and are effective for, smallholder farmers in CWANA with a view to scaling up and out the best bet solutions. 

It recognizes the unique biodiversity richness of this center of origin of many species, and it promotes its conservation of soil, ecology and water resources in-situ and ex-situ. It is aware of the complex political interactions between countries in the region, and it bridges borders to deliver and widely deploy technologies.

The F2R Workshop is launched by:

Martin Kropff, Global Director, Resilient Agri-food Systems Science Area (RAFS)

Aly Abousabaa, Regional Director, Central and West Asia and North Africa (CWANA); Director General of ICARDA

Faouzi Bekkaoui, Director, National Institute for Agronomic Research, Morocco

F2R-CWANA Lead - Michael Baum, ICARDA

F2R-CWANA Co-Lead - Maha Al-Zu'bi, IWMI






The two workshops will be followed on Wednesday the 18th May by the Inauguration of the ICARDA Morocco Genebank in Rabat.