Egypt-Sudan Inception Workshop of CGIAR F2R-CWANA Initiative

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June 22, 2022
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ICARDA Communication Team
 From Fragility to Resilience in Central and West Asia, and North Africa (F2R-CWANA).
From Fragility to Resilience in Central and West Asia, and North Africa (F2R-CWANA)

Cairo, Egypt – June 2022: This week sees significant advances in agricultural research-for-development (R4D) in Egypt, with the upcoming Egypt and Sudan Inception Workshop of the CGIAR Initiative From Fragility to Resilience in Central and West Asia, and North Africa (F2R-CWANA).  

F2R-CWANA is one of CGIAR's new global portfolio of 33 initiatives developed by CGIAR and its partners to deliver more relevant, consistent, and efficient outcomes through the strengthened collaboration of our global research centers to improve knowledge and asset sharing and reduce institutional boundaries. 


June 2022 - From Fragility to Resilience in Central and West Asia, and North Africa (F2R-CWANA) Egypt and Sudan Inception Workshop – Cairo, Egypt 

On June 29, CGIAR will kick off its first F2R-CWANA Egypt and Sudan Inception Workshop in Egypt, organized jointly with the agricultural research centers (ARC) of the two countries.  

The general objective of this workshop is to develop a shared vision of F2R-CWANA's impacts in both countries and validate an action plan for F2R-CWANA activities. 

At its core, the F2R-CWANA initiative aims to provide options for climate adaptation and mitigation that respond to, and are effective for, smallholder farmers in Egypt and Sudan – two of the most climate-affected countries in all of CWANA – to scale up and out the best bet solutions.  

Thanks to the Nile River, Egypt and Sudan make up 30% of all CWANA's irrigated land surface area - despite being in arid zones with otherwise limited natural resources. However, without adequate, research-based innovations and methods, Egypt and Sudan could face crippling water shortages and worse food security conditions due to intensifying climate change, rising demographics, and unsustainable land management. 

To address agricultural resilience challenges in Egypt and Sudan, F2R-CWANA is collaborating with partners to test and upscale various innovations to secure better livelihoods for small farmers, improve land and water rational use, and increase prosperity for the two countries as a whole.  

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Nature-based solutions, resilient food and feed crops, and farm-to-basin smart tools for water efficiency and management are just some of the many innovations that will be deployed and out-scaled in Egypt and Sudan as part of this CGIAR Initiative. 

The F2R Workshop will be launched by: 

Dr. Mohamed Soliman, President of Egypt Agricultural Research Center 

Dr. Martin Kropff, Global Director, Resilient Agrifood Systems Science Area (RAFS) 

Mr. Aly Abousabaa, Regional Director, Central and West Asia and North Africa (CWANA); Director-General of ICARDA 

Dr. Michael Baum, F2R-CWANA Lead - ICARDA 

Dr. Maha Al-Zu'bi, F2R-CWANA Co-Lead - IWMI 


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