Chapter 6 - Barley

Published Date
September 22, 2023
Book Chapter
Chapter 6 - Barley
Safaa G. Kumari
Khaled M. Makkouk, Asma Najar

Among 30 viruses have been reported on barley, but only few of them are widespread and cause significant economic damage. Among the most important viruses reported to infect barley are BUDVs (such as BYDV-PAV, BYDV-MAV), cereal yellow dwarf virus (CYPV)-RPV, barely yellow striate mosaic virus (BYSMV), and barley stripe mosaic virus (BSMV).

Kumari, S. G, K. M. Makkouk and A. Najar. 2023. Chapter 6- Barley: Section III Viral Diseases of Field Crops. Pages 55-61. In: Viral Diseases of Field and Horticultural Crops. L. P. Awasthi (ed). Elsevier Inc. 988 pages.
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