Egypt and ICARDA

Published Date
October 20, 2017
Egypt and ICARDA
Communication Team ICARDA

Egypt-ICARDA ties are marked by an ever growing research partnership that has successfully delivered solutions to improve livelihoods and enhance food security over several decades. ICARDA’s partnership with Egypt dates from 1979, when together with Sudan, it launched the Nile Valley Project. Today, Egypt forms the hub of ICARDA's Nile Valley and Red Sea Regional Program, which strategically aligns activities with Sudan, Eritrea, and Yemen. The country is also a key player in ICARDA's new decentralization strategy as a thematic research location for sustainable intensification in irrigated systems, and is a financially-contributing member of the CGIAR as a result of its collaboration with ICARDA.

Communication Team ICARDA. (20/10/2017). Egypt and ICARDA. Beirut, Lebanon: International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA).
water saving
seed systems
food security
small ruminants
water management
water productivity
sustainable agriculture