PRIMA First Training ‘Strengthening R&I Capacities In SEMC’

Start Date
October 07, 2019
Training course
PRIMA training workshop
PRIMA training workshop

7 - 8 October 2019. Academy of Scientific Research and Technology. Cairo, Egypt. PRIMA – Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area is the most ambitious joint programme to be undertaken in the frame of Euro-Mediterranean cooperation. 

PRIMA aims to:

  • “build research and innovation capacities and to develop knowledge and common innovative solutions for agro-food systems,
  • to make them sustainable, and for integrated water provision and management in the Mediterranean area, t
  • o make those systems and that provision and management more climate resilient, efficient, cost-effective and environmentally and socially sustainable,
  • to contribute to solving water scarcity, food security, nutrition, health, well-being and migration problems upstream”.
  •  to contribute to United Nations’ Agenda 2030 through the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

PRIMA consists of European Union Member States, Horizon 2020 Associated Countries and Mediterranean Partner Countries on an equal footing basis (co-ownership, co-management and co-funding) with the Participation of the European Commission, under the framework of an art.185 TFEU.

Content of the training programme:

PRIMA training workshop
  1. SESSION ONE: PRIMA Introduction, thematic areas and topics, the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda, SRIA
  2. SESSION TWO: Identify PRIMA Application Process and Access to Documents. Predominant challenges facing applicants from the south, and voting system.
  3. SESSION THREE: Identify the main characteristics of a winning proposal and main reasons for proposal non-acceptance – Tips and Tricks; [Part I]
  4. SESSION FOUR-1: Illustrate the concept of a competitive PRIMA research proposal: Objectives, WPs, Deliverables, Milestones, Main Sections of CN & FA.
  5. SESSION FOUR-2: Illustrate the concept of a competitive PRIMA research proposal: Objectives, WPs, Deliverables, Milestones, and Main Sections of CN & FA.
  6. SESSION FIVE: How to write a Competitive Proposal? [Part II]: 1st Stage and 2nd Stage Submissions.
  7. SESSION SIX: Plan effectively for a good research proposal: LFM (logical framework management), Gantt Charts, Financial aspects
  8. SESSION SEVEN: Budgeting of PRIMA projects.
  9. SESSION EIGHT: Networking and building your unit/department portfolio.