Training course on efficient irrigation techniques and rainwater harvesting

Start Date
October 13, 2019
Training course
Terbol station, Lebanon

Objective To increase the resilience of livelihoods to threats and crisis in the countries and regions affected by disasters and crisis prepare for, and manage effective responsesto strengthening capacities of stakeholders in crisis response

Outputs. Capacity of participants from targeted institutions in efficient irrigation techniques and rainwater harvesting is enhanced.


By the end of the training course and practical field training, participates will gain sufficient knowledge and practical skills on;

  • how to select, design, implement and operate modern irrigation systems such as drip and sprinklers
  • how to efficiently manage irrigation water at the farm level including determining different crops water requirements and irrigation scheduling
  • how to determine suitable cropping patterns at different locations for improved water and land productivity.
  • how to select, design and implement rainwater harvesting practices for domestic, livestock and agricultural purposes.

ActivitiesThe training will cover the following activity:

  • A course consists of 7 days training in ICARDA Terbol station in Lebanon followed by 4 field training days in Syria, focusing on the following topics:
  • understanding Soil-water-plant-atmosphere relationships
  • the concepts and principles of agricultural water use efficiency/ water productivity,
  • modern irrigation systems/scheduling/management
  • methods and implementation of rainwater harvesting practices
  • irrigation and water harvesting systems operation and maintenance
  • practical sessions and field demonstrations