Durum Wheat: Globally Minor, Locally Major Crop

Published Date
July 01, 2020
Durum Wheat: Globally Minor, Locally Major Crop
Reza Mohammadi
Reza Haghparast, Ahmed Amri

In this book, experienced scientists in the field describe the importance of durum wheat as an adapted cash crop for drylands in detail, as well as a valuable food crop that must be paid more attention in relation to climate change, global warming, world population growth rate and declining food production resource. It is a ready valuable reference on the subject and reinforces the understanding for durum wheat production promotion as an environmentally sustainable and profitable crop and also its health benefits for its consumers. Various elements of durum wheat are described, highlighting associated breeding and analyzing the experiences and challenges.

Reza Mohammadi, Reza Haghparast, Ahmed Amri. (1/7/2020). Durum Wheat: Globally Minor, Locally Major Crop. United States: Nova Science Publishers.
grain yield
durum (triticum durum)