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Water, Land & Ecosystems

ICARDA is promoting raised-bed planting to resource-poor farmers in Egypt.
ICARDA is promoting raised-bed planting to resource-poor farmers in Egypt.

ICARDA’s Water, Land and Ecosystems Research Program supports the sustainable use of water and land resources through rainfed, irrigated, and agro-pastoral farming. The Program adopts an integrated approach to managing soil, land, and water resources.

Research explores strategies that maximize the in-situ storage of water in rainfed agriculture and rangelands through conservation interventions; improve on-farm water use and management for higher water and land productivity; and safely utilize wastewater in the production of feed and forage for livestock.

In addition, the Program’s scientists focus on improving the fertility and health of soil – and developing indicators that can help monitor changes in soil quality; and contribute to the restoration of degraded dry agro-pastoral ecosystems through landscape modification, including rainwater harvesting.

Recent News

Rania Gamal, ICARDA's PhD Research Fellow, measuring Evapotranspiration (ET) using instruments introduced in Egypt
ICARDA and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) recently organized a two-day workshop to document and share the outcomes of a project that uniquely establishes the amount of water used by key crops in regional settings, providing vital data for farming approaches and government policies.

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