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Senior staff

Director General's OfficeE-Mail Address
Aly Abousabaa, Director GeneralA.Abousabaa[AT]
Anthony Villamore, Internal Auditora.villamor[AT]
(Vacant), Legal Counsel and Board Secretary 
Lamia El-Fattal, Executive Assistant l.el-fattal[AT]
Deputy Director General and Director of Research
Jacques Wery, Deputy Director General and Director of Research  
Enrico Bonaiuti, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist e.bonaiuti[AT]
Chandra Biradar, Head of Geo-informatics and Data Management c.biradar[AT]
Charles Kleinerman, Head of Capacity Building c.kleinermann[AT]
Assistant Director General for International Cooperation and Communications
Kamel Shideed, Assistant Director General for International Cooperation and Communications k.shideed[AT]
Katrin Park, Head of Communications k.park[AT]
Tareq Bremer, Grants Management Officer t.bremer[AT]
Mary Margaret McRae, Resource Mobilization Officer m.m.mcrae[AT]
(Vacant), Proposal Writer  
Erwin Lopez, Director of Finance e.lopez[AT]
Hashem Abed, Head of Information Technology and Procurement h.abed[AT]
Human Resources and Administration
Francesco Finocchio, Director of HR and Administration f.finocchio[AT]
Biodiversity and Crop Management
Michael Baum, Program Director m.baum[AT]
Resilient Agricultural Livelihood Systems
Barbara Rischkowsky, Program Director b.rischkowsky[AT]
Water, Land Management and Ecosystems
Theib Oweis, Program Director t.oweis[AT]c
Regional and Country Coordinators
Afghanistan, Yashpal Saharawat, Country Manager y.saharawat[AT]
Egypt, Aladdin Hamwieh, Regional Coordinator and Biotechnologist a.hamwieh[AT]
Ethiopia, Zewdie Bishaw, Regional Coordinator and Head of Seed Unit z.bishaw[AT]
India, Ashutosh Sarker, Regional Coordinator and Food Legume Breeder a.sarker[AT]
Lebanon, Hassan Machlab, County Manager h.machlab[AT]
Morocco, Ahmed Amri, Head of Genetic Resources a.amri[AT]
Oman, Mohamed Ben Salah, Date Palm Specialist and Project Coordinator Sa.Ahmad[AT]
Pakistan, Abdul Majid, Country Manager a.majid[AT]
Syria, Majd Jamal, Assistant Director General for Government Liaison m.jamal[AT]
Sudan, Hassan El-Awad, Country Manager H.El-Awad[AT]
Tunisia, Mohammed El Mourid, Regional Coordinator m.elmourid[AT]
Turkey, Keser Mesut, Country Manager m.keser[AT]
United Arab Emirates, Azaiez Belgacem, Coordinator, Arabian Peninsula Regional Program a.belgacem[AT]
Uzbekistan, Ram Sharma, Head of Program Facilitation Unit r.c.sharma[AT]