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Senior staff

Director General's Office E-Mail Address
Aly Abousabaa, Director General A.Abousabaa[AT]  
Antonio Villamor, Internal Auditor a.villamor[AT]  
Lamya El-Fattal Masadiah, Executive Assistant to the DG l.el-fattal[AT]  
Ourouba Zein El-Deen, Administrative Officer to the Director General o.zein-eldeen[AT]  
Deputy Director General for Research  
Ghada Al-Kayyali, Project Administrator l.barghout[AT]  
Khaled Al-Sham'aa, Research Database Manager and Senior Analysist k.el-shamaa[AT]  
Murari Singh, Senior Biometrician m.singh[AT]  
Samah Abu-Khalifeh, Project Administrator s.abu-khalifeh[AT]  
International cooperation & Communication  
Kamel Shideed, Assistant Director General - International Cooperation k.shideed[AT]  
Linda Fattal, Administrator - Outreach Program Assistant l.fattal[AT]  
Government Liaison  
Majd Jamal, Assistant Director General - Government Liaison m.jamal[AT]  
Mohamad Nabil Traboulsi, Assistant National Research Coordinator n.trabulsi[AT]  
Zukaa Musattat, Executive Secretary z.mousattat[AT]  
Assistant Director General - Corporate Services  
Hiba Eimesh, Travel Coordinator h.eimesh[AT]  
Finance Department 
Erwin Lopez, Director of Finance / Acting Assistant Director General - Corporate Services e.lopez[AT]  
Ghiath Nahas, Senior Accountant - Outreach and Operations g.nahas[AT]  
Chan Chew Ngoh, ConsultantM.Chan[AT]
Imelda Silang, Finance & Management Reporting Manager i.silang[AT]  
Luisa Urriza, Senior Accountant L.Urriza2[AT]  
Maya Sleem, Senior Project Accountant m.sleem[AT]  
Mourad Maaliki, Accountant - Treasury m.maaliki[AT]  
Muhammad Duksi, Accountant - Operations m.duksi[AT]  
Munzer Kastaly, Accounting Supervisor m.kastaly[AT]  
Ralda Gareg, Finance - Budget Officer r.gareg[AT]  
Taher Hezbor, Accountant - Operations t.hezbor[AT]  
Human Resources Department  
Francesco Finocchio, Human Resources & Administration f.finocchio[AT]
Mary Malki, Specialist - Compensation & Benefits m.malki[AT]  
Mouna Rustom, Administrator - Resources and Consultants m.rustom[AT]  
Purchasing and Supplies Department  
Lobna Al-Fahili, Administrator - Procurement L.Al-Fahili[AT]  
Station Operations 
Antoine Shomar, Assistant Farm Manager a.shomar[AT]  
Terbol Station 
Hassan Machlab, Lebanon Country Manager h.machlab[AT]  
Biodiversity and Integrated Gene Management Program 
Michael Baum, BIGM Program and Morocco Platform Director m.baum[AT]  
Abdoul Aziz Niane, Scientist a.niane[AT]  
Abdullah Bari, Genetic Resources Scientist a.bari[AT]  
Ahmed Amri, Head of GRS/Deputy Director of BIGMP a.amri[AT]  
Aladdin Hamwieh, Associate Scientist - Chickpea Breeding a.hamwieh[AT]  
Ali Shehadeh, Associate Scientist - Curator of Range Forage Species A.Shehadeh[AT]  
Andrea Visioni, PDF - Barley Breeding a.visioni[AT]  
Athanasios Tsivelikas, Scientist - Genebank Manager a.tsivelikas[AT]  
Badreddine Sijilmassi, Research Associate - Curator of Rhizobium Collections B.Sijilmassi[AT]  
Bashir Al Awar, Senior Research Assistant - Genetic Resources B.AlAwar[AT]
Fida Alo, Research Associate f.alo[AT]  
Filippo Bassi, Scientist - Durum Breeder f.bassi[AT]  
Fouad Maalouf, Faba Bean Breeder f.maalouf[AT]  
Karthika Rajendran, PDF - Lentil Breeding k.rajendran[AT]  
Kumarse Nazari, Cereal Pathologist k.nazari[AT]  
Rama Jawad, Senior Research Assistant - Genetic Resources R.Jawad[AT]  
Mahmoud Jammoul, Research Associate - International Nurseries Data Management M.Jammoul[AT]  
Mariana Yazbek, Associate Scientist - Genetic Resources m.yazbek[AT]  
Michel Edmond Ghanem, Crop Physiologist m.ghanem[AT]  
Miguel Sanchez Garcia, Associate Scientist - Spring Wheat Breeding m.sanchez-garcia[AT]  
Mohamed Fawzy Nawar, Documentation Specialist f.nawar[AT]  
Mohammed Amer Jnedan, Research Associate a.jnedan[AT]  
Mohamed Ouzzine, Manager of Experimental Farm M.Ouzzine[AT]
Mohamed Habib Halila, Food Security Project h.halila[AT]  
Mustapha El-Bouhssini, Entomologist m.bohssini[AT]  
Ramesh Pal Singh Verma, Barley Breeder - High Input Environments r.verma[AT]  
Safaa Kumari, Head of ICARDA Seed Health Laboratory/Plant Virologist s.kumari[AT]  
Sajid Rehman, PDF - Cereal Pathology S.Rehman[AT]  
Sawsan Tawkaz, Coordinator - Biotechnology and Plant Cell Culture s.tawkaz[AT]  
Seid-Ahmed Kemal, Pulse Pathologist s.a.kemal[AT]  
Shiv Kumar Agrawal, Lentil Breeder sk.agrawal[AT]  
Sripada Udupa, Senior Scientist, Biotechnology s.udupa[AT]  
Stefanie Christmann, Expert for Farming with Alternative Pollinators s.christmann[AT]  
Suhaila Arslan, Manager, International Nurseries s.arslan[AT]  
Tawffiq Istanbuli, Research Associate t.istanbuli[AT]  
Wuletaw Tadesse Degu, Senior Scientist - Spring Bread Wheat Breeder w.tadesse[AT]  
Zewdie Bishaw, Head of Seed Unit/Acting Regional Coordinator for Sub-Saharan Regional Program z.bishaw[AT]  
Integrated Water and Land Management and Ecosystems Program 
Akmal Akramkhanov, Project Manager - Knowledge Management in CACILM II a.akramkhanov[AT]  
Atef Swelam, Project Coordinator - Nile Delta Project a.swelam[AT]  
Bezaiet Dessalegn, Water, Land and Livelihoods - Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist b.dessalegn[AT]  
Biju Alummoottil George, Irrigation & Water Management Specialist[AT]  
Bogachan Benli, Senior Irrigation and Water Management Specialist B.Benli[AT]  
Claudio Zucca, Soil Conservation/Land Management Specialist C.Zucca[AT]  
Mohammed Karrou, Water & Drought Management Specialist m.karrou[AT]  
Nigamananda Swain, Project Watershed/Water Scientist N.Swain[AT]  
Stefan Martin Strohmeier, PDF - Soil and Water Conservation S.Strohmeier[AT]  
Usman Khalid Awan, Groundwater Hydrologist u.k.awan[AT]  
Vinay Nangia, Agricultural Hydrologist V.Nangia[AT]  
Sustainable Intensification and Resilient Production System  
Barbara Ann Rischkowsky, Director - Sustainable Intensification and Resilient Production Systems Program b.rischkowsky[AT]  
Aden Aw-Hassan, Team Leader-Socio-Economics Component[AT]  
Aymen Frija, Agricultural Economist a.frija[AT]  
Aynalem Haile, Small Ruminant Senior Scientist - Breeding and Genetics a.haile[AT]  
Boubaker Dhehibi, Agricultural Resource Economist b.dhehibi[AT]  
Dina Najjar, Associate Social and Gender Scientist D.Najjar[AT]  
Girma Tesfahun Kassie, Agricultural Market Economist g.tesfahun[AT]  
Jane Nyaranga Ambuku Wamatu, Associate Scientist - Animal Nutritionist j.wamatu[AT]  
Joram Mwacharo, Small Ruminant Geneticist j.mwacharo[AT]  
Jutta Werner, Scientist - Rangeland Management and Rangeland Ecosystem Services j.werner[AT]  
Kathryn Clifton, PDF - Rangeland Ecology & Management k.clifton[AT]  
Mounir Louhaichi, Range Ecology and Management Research Scientist m.louhaichi[AT]  
Mourad Rekik, Small Ruminant Production Scientist m.rekik[AT]  
Muhammad Islam, Small Ruminant Production Scientist mu.islam[AT]  
Muhi El-Dine Hilali, Dairy Technologist m.hilali[AT]  
Sawsan Hassan, Research Associate - Forage Systems s.hassan[AT]  
Serkan Ates, Forage Scientist s.ates[AT]  
Shinan Kassam, Social Scientist s.kassam[AT]  
Somanagouda Patil, PDF Agronomist s.patil[AT]  
Udo Rudiger, Agricultural Innovation Specialist U.Rudiger[AT]  
Yigezu Atnafe Yigezu, Agricultural Economist y.yigezu[AT]  
CGIAR Research Program on Dryland Systems  
Richard Thomas, Director - CRP on Dryland Systems r.thomas[AT]  
Enrico Bonaiuti, Project Administrator for CRP1.1 e.bonaiuti[AT]  
Quang Bao Le, Agricultural Livelihood Systems Expert q.le[AT]  
Capacity Development Unit  
Charles Kleinermann, Head - Capacity Development Unit c.kleinermann[AT]  
Masafumi Tamura, Technical Training Officer M.Tamura[AT]  
Communication, Documentation and Information Services Unit  
Katrin Park, Head - CODIS k.park[AT]
Geoinformatics Unit  
Chandrashekhar M. Biradar, Head GU c.biradar[AT]  
Layal Atassi, GIS Lab Manager l.atassi[AT]  
Information Technology Unit  
Hashem Abed,Head of IT and Procurement and Supplies Departments h.abed[AT]  
Ahmad Al-Mously, Enterprise Systems Specialist[AT]  
Amine El Mansouri, Network and Operations Support Specialist A.El-Mansouri[AT]  
Mohammad Samer Moghrabi, Network Support Specialist s.moghrabi[AT]  
Project Development and Grants Management  
Mary Margaret McRae, Resource Mobilization Officer m.m.mcrae[AT]
Tareq Bremer, Grants Management Officer t.bremer[AT]  
Arabian Peninsula Regional Program  
Arash Nejatian, Activities Coordinator Officer a.nejatian[AT]  
Azaiez Ouled Belgacem, Regional Coordinator APRP - cum - Rangeland Scientist a.belgacem[AT]  
Naem Thiyab Mazahrih, Consultant - Water/Irrigation Management Specialist n.mazahrih[AT]  
Central Asia and Caucasus Regional Program  
Aziz Nurbekov, Regional Project Coordinator a.nurbekov[AT]  
Makhmud Shaumarov, Research Field Coordinator M.Shaumarov[AT]  
Muzaffar Aliev, Administrator m.aliev[AT]  
Nariman Nishanov, Project Field Research Coordinator n.nishanov[AT]  
Ram Sharma, Head of the PFU, CGIAR Program for CAC and the Regional Coordinator/Breeder r.c.sharma[AT]  
Rashid Azimov, Scientific Field Coordinator - Bioversity Intl. r.azimov[AT]  
Sherzod Shoasilov, Communications Officer S.Shoasilov[AT]  
Tamara Yugai, Accountant t.yugay[AT]  
Nile Valley and Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Program  
Aladdin Hamwieh, Acting - Regional Coordinator-Nile Valley & Red Sea a.hamwieh[AT]  
Ahmed Nabil Sakr, Network and Operations Support Specialist
North Africa Regional Program  
Mohammed El-Mourid, Regional Coordinator m.elmourid[AT]  
Asmae Chakkour, Finance Officer - Morocco Platform A.Chakkour[AT]  
Maha Oulad Benchiba, Regional Finance and Administrative Officer - NARP m.benchiba[AT]  
Anis Boukadida, Procurement Specialist A.Boukadida[AT]  
Assefa Gizaw Solomon, Wheat Commodity Specialist s.assefa[AT]  
Saleh Mohamed Al-Azhari, Consultant - ARC Libya[AT]  
Ouambi Yameogo, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist o.yameogo[AT]  
Walid Zakhama, Project Accountant W.Zakhama[AT]  
South Asia and China Regional Program  
Ashutosh Sarker, Coordinator - South Asia Program and Food Legume Breeder a.sarker[AT]  
West Asia Regional Program  
Abdallah Alimari, National Project Coordinator - Palestine a.alimari[AT]  
Hala Hamati, Regional HR and Administrative Officer h.hamati[AT]  
Afghanistan Project  
Yashpal Singh Saharawat, Country Manager y.saharawat[AT]  
Srinivas Tavva, Socio Economist s.tavva[AT]  
Syed Tehseen Gilani, Administrative and Finance Officer s.gilani[AT]  
Abdul Rahman Manan, Consultant - Senior Agriculture Advisor a.manan[AT]  
Seyed Sadeghian, Consultant - Country Manager of Iran S.Sadeghian[AT]
Mohamed Ben Salah, Date Palm Specialist Sa.Ahmad[AT]  
Pakistan Project 
Abdul Majid, Senior Professional Officer a.majid[AT]  
Mesut Keser, Consultant-Country Manager - Turkey m.keser[AT]